Herniated Disc Chiropractor in Brandon, FL

One can compare the discs of their spine to a jelly-filled donut—they have a tougher exterior, but the center is sponge-like, and softer. When the disc breaks open or bulges out of its exterior, it's considered a herniated disc. If this occurs, you need treatment from a reputable herniated disc chiropractor in Brandon, FL.

At Brandon Chiropractic Associates, we are committed to helping you find relief from the pain. Turn to us for a personalized, nonsurgical herniated disc treatment to return to your normal, day-to-day activities.

Herniated Disc Chiropractor in Brandon, FL

Do You Need a Herniated Disc Chiropractor?

Are you suffering from severe back pain like none you've experienced before? The pain may actually be caused by a herniated disc—slipped disc or ruptured disc. Often beginning as a bulging disc, herniated discs occur when your intervertebral disc tears or rips. This exposes the disc's nucleus to the spinal column. When this occurs, the herniated material presses against the surrounding nerve roots or spinal cord, causing colossal discomfort and pain. Do you think you have a herniated disc? Some of the most common symptoms include:

Pain - Pain usually occurs in the general area of the herniated disc. In some cases, it can go down your leg or arms.
Numbness - When the herniated material presses on the surrounding nerves or spinal cord, it can cause the numbness in corresponding areas.
Weakness - After the disc material shifts from its original location, you may experience weakness because of the nerve compression.
Tingling - A tingling sensation of the hands and/or feet is also a common symptom of herniated discs.

When you think you have a ruptured disc, it's time to visit a herniated disc chiropractor for care. Our back pain chiropractors have extensive experience treating slipped discs. In fact, you can count on us to address the pain with a customized herniated disc treatment.

Alternative Scoliosis Treatment Available

Scoliosis, a C- or S-shaped curve of the spine, can affect anyone at any age. When the case is severe, doctors recommend surgery or back braces; however, mild cases don't warrant treatment. This leaves those with mild scoliosis left to suffer in pain. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution—chiropractic scoliosis treatment.

The result of genetic predisposition and environmental factors, idiopathic scoliosis occurs in adolescents. If left untreated, the curvature worsens and, later, becomes adult idiopathic scoliosis. Treating the curve with our noninvasive scoliosis treatment can prevent your child from suffering from immense pain and the need for complicated surgery as an adult.

Spinal Manipulation Provides Real Pain Relief

When you have back pain, you probably think your general practitioner can provide you with a pain-relief solution. Unfortunately, doctors can only recommend an over-the-counter medications or high-risk surgeries. Spinal decompression treatment is a nonsurgical solution that will relieve your pain.

Spinal manipulation therapy uses massages, exercises, and physical therapy to alleviate pressure on your joints and muscles. Ultimately, this results in improved nerve function and flexibility and a reduction in pain and swelling. Visit our clinic to determine if spinal decompression treatment is the right option for you.

Contact us to treat a herniated disc, scoliosis, and other sources of severe back pain. Our services are available for patients in Brandon, Valrico, Seffner, Riverview, and Bloomingdale, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

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